Interior Painting Services

If you are considering having the interior of your property painted, you are making one of the best decisions in as far as improving your property and adding value is concerned. A fresh coat of paint inside a build can do wonders. Depending on the paint job, you can have a completely fresh and new interior that brings out your personality, if you are into modern trends it is one of the most effective ways of staying on top of the trends. For many people, interior painting is often a dreaded project because of all the inconveniences that it can bring, this where AJ painting comes in. Over the past 6 years, we have perfected the art of interior painting. We can get the job done with minimum inconvenience and in stipulated and agreed upon time frame. Our painters will cover the floors, furniture, and windows with easy to install and remove material that will protect those structures from getting unwanted paint on them. This allows us to paint every part inside your property, including the ceiling. You may think “why should I hire some people to paint for me when I can do it myself”, well it is true you can do it yourself but hiring a professional gives you a peace of mind and a guarantee that the paint job will be done to perfection. At AJ painting we take care of everything, from choosing paint design and colors to cleaning up and leaving your property sparkling clean when we are done.

We offer the following interior painting services:
● Complete interior painting
● New Home painting
● Room painting
● Repainting
● Foyer and ceiling painting
● Finishing
● And more

Exterior Painting

Every now and then you have to repaint the exterior of your property to both maintain the value and prevent the structure from being damaged by the weather elements, especially if you have wood sidings and patio. While it may seem like a challenge to renew your painting after a couple of seasons, it is actually an opportunity to change things up, express yourself and keep your property modern. It is also a great way to out your own personality on the property if you recently purchased it. Whatever the reason for your exterior painting project, AJ painting has your back. We will do an incredible job, assigning our most experienced painters and designers to ensure that your project is realized without inconveniencing you.

Our professionals will provide painting services for any one of the following reasons and more:
● Failing, fading or stained paint
● Renewing peeling paint
● New property painting
● Aging wood or original paint

Cabinets Painting

Cabinet Painting is one of the final touches required to make a home look fresh, classy and valuable. If you are looking to give your home a new look or renovating a newly purchased home, painting the cabinets is often all it takes to get the desired look. However, painting is not an easy job especially when it comes to cabinets. An inexperienced painter will often mess up the surroundings and the walls which leads to a repainting of the whole interior. That is why you should high experienced professionals who will do the job without incurring extra costs. AJ Painting can work on your cabinets to make them new and fresh again. We have skilled professionals who will come to your property for an initial consult and give their professional opinions on the type of painting and finish required to meet your objectives.

We offer a couple of cabinet painting methods depending on your budget and desires, but be assured all methods are of superior quality. Our methods include:
● Spray painting
● Brush and roll
● Various finishing techniques

Power Washing

No matter how beautiful your property is, it is not immune to the weather elements and will often suffer from rain, wind, and dust. In order to protect your property and keep its beautiful shine and clean nature, a power-wash is advised, especially at the end of each season to annually at least. AJ painting has a highly specialized power-washing service. Our power-washing service can be paired with any of our painting services or be contracted on its own. If you notice the exterior of your home begin to look dull and worn out, then its time to hire a professional for a good power-wash that will restore it to its nice state and protect it from further degradation.
Our power washing service is done without any use of harsh chemicals. We have powerful and efficient power-washing technology that allows us to get the job done fast without inflicting any harm on your property. We carefully move and replace any patio furniture or other belongings as needed to ensure thorough power-washing without missing any spots.
We power-wash:
● Sidewalks
● Deck
● Patio
● Driveway
● and other exterior structures